Bow rehairs and repairs

Each rehair is a good opportunity to have your bow checked for wear and tear. It is really worthwhile keeping up with the maintenance of your bow. This can prevent more serious damage and keeps the value and playing qualities of your bow as high as possible.

Please make an appointment before you bring in your bow.
It is sometimes possible to collect your bow on the same day.

I charge £70 for a rehair.

Instrument repairs and sound

People often come to me just before an important concert or a recording, when they are most critical of their own sound.
If you find that your instrument has lost resonance and doesn't respond quite how it used to it is worth having it checked. In my experience all parts of the violin, viola, cello, play a part in the optimum production of sound: having the fingerboard planed, seams glued, tailgut shortened or the bridge and sound post adjusted or replaced can free up the sound considerably and help bring out the best of your instrument.
Regular maintenance and care helps to prevent excessive wear; crucial in preserving antique instruments for generations to come.
To receive a detailed quote please make an appointment to bring your instrument into the workshop.

Estimates for repairs and restoration are free of charge and obligation.

Baroque and classical set-up

Today historically informed performance practice is highly regarded and I am fortunate to work for many wonderful musicians who specialize in this field. Besides information gathered from archives, musea and literature, my work is informed by the feedback I receive from the players I work for.
My aim is to achieve the sound that the musician hears in their mind by providing the perfect set up for their instrument.

Converting a violin to baroque condition can be done in stages. If you are interested in experimenting with gut strings it may be enough  to fit a baroque bridge and tailpiece.
If you want to take it further you can consider resetting the neck and fitting it with the characteristic wedge shaped fingerboard.
Occasionally the existing neck is too thin to be re-used and a neck graft with a new fingerboard is needed.
To complete the conversion a shorter, lighter bass bar can be fitted, a little nearer the centre than is usual nowadays for a modern violin.

Each stage of the conversion represents a different sound and it is important to be aware of those differences and how they affect, for example, projection and the ability to blend in an orchestra section.

Of course it is important that the instrument is in good condition and that any repairs needed are carried out at the same time.



For a detailed quote please make an appointment to come into the workshop.
The following prices are from my price list.
For other repairs I charge by time spent; my rate is currently £65 per hour.

  • Rehair  £70
  • Leather thumb grip  £27
  • Mammoth tip facing  £193
  • Pearl slide  £145
  • Brass eye  £35
  • Bridge violin/viola  £174
  • Baroque bridge vln/vla  £202
  • Classical bridge vln/ vla  £222
  • Bridge cello  £317
  • Baroque/classical bridge cello  £387
  • Sound post vln/vla  £ 90
  • Sound post cello  £120
  • Level fingerboard vln/vla  £161
  • Level fingerboard cello  £194


A personal note

Visiting a violin maker in his workshop in the Netherlands when I was 16, I decided there and then that it was the job for me. A couple of years later I was offered an apprenticeship with a violin maker in Cremona, making and repairing instruments in his workshop during the week and mixing with the students of the International School of Violin Making in Cremona in the evenings and weekends. I especially loved working on old instruments and making baroque set-ups for them.

Anna Tummers

Going back to Amsterdam and working independently I carried on developing this particular interest, frequently visiting the workshop of (late) Fred Lindeman, one of the pioneers in researching and setting up violins and cellos of the 17th and 18th century in the original fashion of their time.

As well as from other violin makers, I have been able to carry on learning from the players who bring their instruments to me with very sprecific demands. I now work with some of the finest musicians from the UK and abroad and frequently look after precious 17th and 18th century violins and violas.

My workshop in Robertson Yard is a fabulous space where I can focus without having to justify my pace at 1 millimetre per hour… The beautiful surroundings and the talented creative people in the other studios in Robertson Yard make it a privilege to be here every day.

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